When are you free?
For me it is once I am no longer afraid of rejection and Trusting the fact that whoever comes and whoever answers my call is the One who is meant to. For me, without expectation & demands on others, life becomes incredibly beautiful… a new possibility of Being, with so much freedom lightness and ease! <3
I noticed today writing people on facebook, several ones have not gotten back to me in quite some time. And here’s the magical thing: I did not get upset about it at all!
“I don’t owe anyone my time attention or energy”, and neither does anyone else owe it to me.
So for example, if somebody does not answer to my message, I don’t get upset about it. I let it go, easily, right away, just like that! Because clearly this is the way it is supposed to be. Who is to argue otherwise? I can choose whether I want to reply or not. I cannot choose what the other person does, wants or feels like; so why get upset about it! 
And as my teacher said : “once you are able to accept love and fully embrace all aspects of your own being.. and whatever experiences come up, you won’t need approval from anyone ever again”
I’m thinking this is True especially for feelings of rejection…
If someone rejects you, you will feel that they have rejected you. This feeling is very painful and we don’t want that , so we people-please. Or dissociate.
Now what if, we could embrace the very feelings of rejection we have been dreading? What if it was possible to be totally free and peaceful even within this seeming pain? Thank the feelings, maybe, for they are here for a reason. And maybe one day, we can be totally free and love what is without suffering from what we cannot change.
For me this is is the way it is. I can’t guarantee it will stay this way. It is very beautiful, and all I wish for myself now is to stay present with this feeling as long as it visits me, for a while. Thank you, beautiful thing :’) 
Wishing whosoever reads this the same incredible blessing!
Love & Light

My core desired feelings 2017

Many wise teachers I’ve encountered pronounce this Truth (Alan Watts, Peta Kelly, Florence Nightingale, among many others):

Your thoughts become your reality.

So, in order to live a good life, think about what you want more of in life. 

One experiment is the idea of your core desired feelings.

Our culture has a strong bias towards the material, which goes also for goals in life.

A big house, a cool car, a lot of money

You know how it goes.

These things might be important.

What is more important, though, is what it gives us: pleasure.


Our worlds are composed of the feelings and thoughts and images we experience in every single moment.

To me, the most real thing, is the feeling tone of this present moment.


Think about it, is there anything that you do – eat, sleep, jog, brush teeth, not for the sake of feeling? A car might make you feel admired and important, a house influential, and money might make you feel powerful.

Even brushing your teeth might make you feel content, safe in the assurance that you will be healthy and live a bit longer.


Most people don’t realise that everything we do is because we wish to feel a certain way.

There are so many ways we can go about feeling the way that we enjoy. However, first we must figure out what we want to feel!

On new years eve I decided on my core desired feelings for 2017: (I managed to narrow it down to 6 key words, and I’ve added a lot of words because they seem related in my feeling/experience-world, which allows me to understand and comprehend them emotionally and physically, too, and not just mentally!)

  • Abundance: gratitude, appreciation, financial freedom

  • Ease, peacefulness, presence

  • Love, connection, Unity, Belonging, intimacy, family

  • Joyous childlike innocence, awe wonder enthusiasm and playfulness, bliss

  • Confidence or Towering Power of masculinity, strength,  decisiveness

  • Safe, supported

I’ve rehearsed these almost daily, and I’m feeling these feelings at least 8 times more than I did before setting these intentions (amazing, huh!)

My insight into how I want to feel changes and refines over time, and Now it’s around 8:

  • Ease, peacefulness, presence, relaxation, pleasantness, enjoyment

  • Joy; Celebration, childlike innocence, awe, wonder, curiosity, enthusiasm and excitement

  • Confidence (towering power of masculine strength, integrity, decisiveness)

  • Freedom, grace, flowing, harmonious, balanced, Trusting, Let Go

  • Gentleness, loving, caring, compassion, humble

  • Supported Cared for, held, loved, safe, secure, Trusting

  • Appreciation, gratitude, abundance

  • Connected, deep abiding, centered, grounded, present

Notice how the words carry certain connotations and associations and feelings within them! Notice how they make you feel. Just rehearsing some of these words might cause you to feel a certain way. Imagine how much you’d feel if you kept repeating these words instead of being anxious or worrying about something!

Say the word “ease” three times. What do you notice within?

Say the word “confidence” three times. How do you feel?

Say the word “Free” three times. What stirs inside those inner depths?

The point is,

what you focus on grows!

So my friends,

please create wisely, with every word you say, every thought you think!

What do you choose to feel this year? 

I’m Back

Today is and was a wonderful day.

Every day is a wonder-ful day.


Because it is a miracle to be alive.


And to know this, it helps to be present, and to feel pleasantness inside your body.


Therefore, I invite you today to take some time out, to focus on what feels good.

We tend to only focus on what is in pain, what is incorrect, what isn’t right.

About ourselves, about life, about our circumstances.



Yet so many things are right with us, with the world, with life, in each moment.

and yet we forget.

Focusing on what’s wrong, of course, has its benefits, but only to the extent that we can be happier and become better and improve our lives!

and yet we forget.



We forget to choose to be peaceful now. To feel what’s inside, and love what it is that is right about us.

To feel grateful for what we have.

To appreciate even the tiniest sensation that is all-right in this moment.


So I invite you now to take a moment to appreciate a sensation of ease, pleasantness, or spaciousness you are feeling right now inside your body.

Stay with that sensation, let it grow, let it flow.

And know that it is Home.

This place within your body (Can you sense it Now?)

is not at odds with reality.

It is pleasant because things are right.

It might be spacious.

It might be filled with ease, warmth, softness, coolness.

Direct your appreciation, your gentleness, your kind heart towards it.

Peacefulness is Here. Now.


If you can’t feel this place, that’s Okay, too.

maybe you’ve been practicing only noticing bad stuff for such a long time, that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to notice what is good.

So one moment at a time, a gentle directedness.

Scan your body.

Find a sensation that is less tense, that is more at peace, than any other.

And rest here. Appreciate it fully. We can be so grateful that it is not in pain right now. That things are Ok. You are alright, no matter what. Held in love, bathed in the generosity and kindness of the natural world.


How long can you rest here?

How much can you allow yourself to appreciate what feels good inside, in this moment?

maybe we can also learn to appreciate what feels “bad”.

Nothing is wrong, unless we make it so.

Look for the clues that tell us why this is here. Appreciate our body’s message. Divine intelligence flowing through us.

And know, too, that this is also Home.


…but rest in the peacefulness , what feels at ease, and have one foot in here, in eternity, in spaciousness, and the other one in the world, in reality, in pain. Allow the peace to transform our Earth into a Heaven for you, for those around us, for all beings everywhere.


Your kindness, appreciation and gentle heart can transform the world.

Be present, focus on what feels pleasant; consciousness wants to be here when it feels good. So allow yourself to focus on that which does! It is your choice, you are in control of this process of this gentle focusing of your own attention.

You are welcome, and thank you so much for being you! :)

Be present, focus on what feels pleasant;

consciousness wants to be here when it feels good. So allow yourself to focus on that which does!

It is your choice, after all

you are in control of this process

you are in control of attention

of focusing on what feels good!



Don’t choose a Guru, Be one!

Don’t choose a teacher, a master or a coach; become one. 
Everyone learned what they know from someone or something, from the one Great mysterious teacher we all have in common: Life.
The information, knowledge and wisdom that flows through us.
Energy expressed in the form of ideas.
Swirling around in the whirlwind of experience that shapes the mosaic of our lives.
We experience. We make observations. We learn.
Dots are connected inside the neural networks of our brilliant minds.
But the sensory experience, the ideas – we all got them from ‘somewhere’.
And yet we do not have to reinvent the wheel in order to be original, to create something new, to discover a truth that has not yet been seen.
Every time we add our own unique essence to the mosaic of wisdom in our lives and express it in our own unique way, we create something entirely new and fresh, something never seen before, never to be seen again.
Just like the uniqueness of you is completely new, never seen before, never to be seen again.
So be a student of Life, of yourself, of others and those that came before.
If you look closely, you already know:
You are the Guru you have been looking for.

What is Life all about, anyway?

Life is about suffering.

Sometimes we argue about who is the most depressed, the most in pain, the “real” victim.

Better yet if we argued in terms of how to create a better life – the best life possible! – for ourselves, for our friends, families and ultimately all beings everywhere.

Life is about happiness.

What is Life really about?


In each and every moment we choose –

Love or Fear,

Responsibility or Blame,

Abundance or Lack.


But it’s so easy to complain about the weather,

to blame the teacher for a bad grade,

to sit at home and slack off in front of the TV.


It’s not so easy to greet the rain with a big smile on your lips,

to appreciate the bad grade as an opportunity for growth,

to go out and face the big scary world with a sense of awe and wonder in our hearts.


Life is an adventure, a heaven, an oasis;

Life is a torture chamber, a hell, an unforgiving desert landscape.

You choose.


We are a part of deep time, 

walking the roads, living the lives, using the tools and the technology that millions had to come before us and work their whole lives to make possible.

We are a part of a magnificent symbiotic relationship of beings, of Life,

dependent on so many for the food we put on our tables,

for our smartphones and computers,

for our healthcare, education and livelihood.


Each and every day we choose –

a life of suffering, victimisation and safety,

or a life of happiness, responsibility and outrageous courage,

a life of infinite possibility!


My friends, choose the Life you want to look back on when you grow old!

I know I will :)







  • When it comes to things
  • there is always a flow.
  • Sometimes, things get clogged
  • Sometimes, too much at once,
  • some things click to each other in a bad way,
  • like a river with too much mud.
  • We clean the house
  • dish the dishes
  • Sometimes we sweep the floors.
  • To open this flow
  • No forceful thing will do
  • Because you know –
  • Sometimes, things get clogged
  • But life will flow
  • if you nurture the soil,
  • and allow it to grow.
The moral of the poem? 
There’s always more. The only thing you need to ask yourself is this:
More of what?
More of Cars? More of weed?
More of “stuff”? More of nothing?
More of Love? More of something?
When it comes to things:
Don’t “just do it!” –
just choose it!